Mental Health Resources, Inc. provides tele-video counseling for a wide array of therapeutic reasons. Tele-Therapy or Video Counseling (VC) is provided through the use of mental health professionals licensed in the State of New Mexico who are based in other parts of the country. These services are provided in office, but through the use of tele-video services which are secure and HIPPA compliant and in locations where in-person therapy services are provided to ensure if there is a crisis that requires immediate assistance may also be accommodated.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling may include mental health issues, substance abuse/dependence issues, or individuals who have co-occurring disorders. Counseling is provided on an out-patient basis. Any individual above the age of 14 may request counseling services and have the full benefit of confidentiality.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is offered for mental health issues, substance abuse/dependence issues, and co-occurring issues. Family counseling focuses on the family itself and how issues impact the family and members of the family. Services are offered on an out-patient basis.